Our team

Hardies Bikes consists of a team of competent, committed and experienced employees. Allow us to introduce them to you on this page.

Gordon is the main man in the shop and his technical knowledge, passion for his work and blunt no bull s**t approach has become legendary with our customers.  He is a Cytech trained mechanic but his CV also includes car mechanic, panel beater and bodywork technician. His main objective is to provide customers with the right product by spending time getting to know them usually over a cup of tea or two. Despite being maxed out with work he will always pull out all the stops to get our customers rolling again. We believe this is what a good bike shop is all about.



Cammy, Gordon and Anna’s oldest son is a face you may not often see in the shop but has none the less played a huge part in where we are today. Cammy is an avid mountain biker and is also a bike mechanic working for a well-known retailer. 



Angus, Downhill rider, Enduro Rider, BASE (Borders Academy of Sporting Excellence) student, ambassador of No Fuss Events and Scottish Enduro, works hard to promote the business while out and about as well as giving up his weekends to work in the shop.


Blair is the ‘adopted member’ of the Hardies Bikes family. A familiar face in the shop, Blair brings a certain organised approached (yes Blair has OCD but is currently in denial). Since returning from eighteen months in Whisltler BC doing park laps all day, Blair has been taking part in Scottish Enduro and DH.

Anna tries to keep the guys in check and takes charge ‘behind the scenes’. This includes exciting tasks such as book keeping, accounts, admin and trying to control purse strings. This is no mean feat considering Gordon is a compulsive shopper and addicted ‘shiny things’ Anna is also a keen mountain biker and has recently started competing in BMX.

Daphne is the newest member of Hardies bikes. The Jack Russell is now our wee shop mascot and probably has an IQ higher than the rest of the team combined.

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